FMA INK Communities



General Objective: Passionately in love with Jesus like Mary, we build genuine relationships with one another and proclaim the Gospel of joy and love to the young people and families, especially those in periphery, by listening and accompanying them in the spirit of Da Mihi Animas.


Enable the young to acquire the attitudes of Jesus.

Reading the Word of God during assembly as per the values taken for the month.

Experiential prayer moments once a month for children & once in three months for teachers/once a year for parents.

Regular catechism / Moral science (3 Days)

First Friday Mass, Sacrament of Reconciliation & annual retreat for students & teachers.

Accompany the young people together with the educating community through creative assistance in their holistic development.

Visiting the Families of the Teachers and High School Students

Commitment to Salesian assistance.

Educate them to etiquette, gratitude, obedience, respect and use of Magic Words (Please, Sorry & Thank you)

Word in the Ear, counseling

Reaching out to the institutions of differently abled and under privileged

Strengthen the Volunteering Services and Civics Sense

Follow up of Child Protection Policy and HRE
Study and implementation of the GEM with the Staff

Preamble of the Constitutions to be printed and put in the School

Youth for Youth (Peer Group Ministry)

Promote Chain of Goodness.

Make our young people messengers of Good News, Sowers of Goodness and Care Takers of Mother Earth.

Avail the expertise of young people to present Gospel in the digital space.

Ecological awareness- Make our campus plastic free and green and wise use of natural resources.

Give importance to maintain a garden for the school and evaluate and award the best performers.

Maintain the standard of the school – Discipline, Cleanliness, and Order – Making English Speaking Campus

Phase -I
1. Enumerate the opportunities provided to acquire the attitudes of Jesus. What is the outcome?
2. What transformation is seen in the children and the young as a result of the implementation of the action plans of the second specification?
3. How many families of teachers and students were visited?

Phase- II
1. How have we involved the EC in the accompaniment of Students?
2. What is the outcome of our effort to make our young people messengers of Good News and Goodness?
3. What has been done to make them aware of their responsibility to take care of Mother Earth and what is its positive effect?

Study Materials
1. JJ act – Juvenile Justice Act
2.CPP – Child Protection Policy
3. AICEP- All India Catholic Education Policy
4.GEM- Guidelines for the Educative Mission
5. HRE – Human Rights Education