FMA INK Communities


Mission Ad/Inter gentes

General Objective: Passionately in love with Jesus like Mary, proclaim the Gospel of joy and love to everyone especially those in peripheries.


Be Imbued
with passionate
love for Jesus
and His Word

- Read and memorize a verse daily from the scripture and share it with others

- Speak courageously about Jesus at least to one person daily

- Personal preparation for Catechism and Moral science classes

- Formation and animation of missionary groups among the catholic students

- Celebration of Sr. Teresa Balestra Day – 22nd Nov. 2018.

- Celebration of Catechetical Day, Bible week and Mission Sunday

- Pray for Missionaries and missionary vocations on every Tuesday

- Regular Catechesis / Moral Science / Day with God for the workers and House Staff

- Be committed to carry the Word of God in our journey, family visits etc.

Be Passionate
to proclaim
the Gospel to everyone

- Be faithful to proclaim the word of God through every meeting and gatherings. - Visiting minimum five families per month by every Sister and maintain a record (pastoral visit) - Make every effort to speak about Jesus even to non- Christians. - Every community to reach out to the peripheries where Jesus is unknown (minimum Two) - Be generous in spending time to listen to the struggles of the people and accompany them.

Study Materials:
1. "Initial Proclamation Today" at least one chapter per month (every Tuesday)
2. Letter of St. John Bosco from "Initial Proclamation Today"(January 2019)
3. II letter of St. Paul to Corinthians

Phase - I
1. Narrate your experiences in living and sharing the Word of God?
2. Share some of the insights that you received from the study of "Initial Proclamation Today."

Phase- II
3. How have you realized the action plans given in the second specific objective?