FMA INK Communities


Technical Education

General Objective: Passionately in love with Jesus like Mary, we build genuine relationships with one another and proclaim the Gospel of joy and love to the young people, families especially those in periphery, by listening and accompanying them in the spirit of da mihi animas.


Enable the young people
to have thirst for God and
love for Mother Mary

God Experience for every batch of students
Annual retreat for long term students on the theme - "Sir Give me this water" Jn. 4:15
Animating daily assembly prayers, Celebrating Salesian Saints and Marian Feasts.
Reading the Word of God at daily assembly, Celebrating Bible Day
Regular Catechism / Value Education

Empower them to be
responsible citizens by
listening and accompanying
the young and the families
in the spirit of
Da Mihi Animas

Close follow up of our students especially the weaker ones,
Visiting the families of our students
Conducting parents meet
Guest lecturers for Motivational Talks
Counseling for the needy students
Sharing the Success stories by the past pupils
Session on cyber crime, prevention of drug addiction, Social Media , Road and safety
Session on sacredness of family life and pro – life
Follow up of past pupils - meeting and animation
Maintaining job placement and follow up record.

Phase I & II 1. What are the opportunities you created to have a thirst for God in young people and the families?
2. What signs of empowerment is seen in the youth and families?
3. What are the sessions conducted for your beneficiaries to be responsible citizens?
4. Share the transformative stories of the young people in your tech. Centre?