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Vocational Training Centres

The starting of the vocational Training Centre can be traced back to an event in the life of Sr. Mary Mazzarello. Enfeebled by typhoid fever, Mary could not go back to work in the field. Along with her friend Petronila she learnt tailoring with a specific motive: "As soon as we have learnt tailoring enough to manage on our own, (...) we shall rent a room of our own and take in a few girls who would like to learn sewing. Our aim would be to keep them from harm, make them good and teach them especially to know and love God. From this moment we must fix the intention that every stitch may be an act of the love of God". Thus was the starting of the first vocational training centre teaching cutting and tailoring to the poor, illiterate girls of Mornese so that they would be protected from evil, taught to love God and enabled to earn an honest living.

With the passage of time and advance of technology, vocational training centers were updated to meet the needs of the times. Thus, we have:

•   Medical Transcription
•   Modern Secretarial Practise
•   Diploma in computer applications
•   Diploma in cutting and tailoring
•   Professional diploma in multi skills development
•   Diploma in fashion designing
•   Diploma in beauty culture
•   Diploma in communicative English
•   Nursery Teacher Traning
•   MORD Programmes
•   Grihini Course