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Youth & Vocation pastoral

YOUTH PASTORAL (AYM, Educational & Technical Inst., Vides)

General Objective:
Passionately in love with Jesus like Mary, we build genuine relationships with one another and proclaim the Gospel of joy and love to the young people, families especially those in periphery, by listening and accompanying them in the spirit of da mihi animas.


Enable the young
to be fascinated by
the person of

Experiential prayer moments
Pilgrimages to the Shrines
Presenting Jesus as a constant companion in their life's journey through good nights, good mornings...
Lectio Divina with young people
Share the God experience of the young during the Assembly/Catechism class/value education

Create an ambient
where the youth can
discern in faith
the right choices for their life

Arrange resource person to give awareness on the Synod for high school Catholic students by the mid July

Display boards for youth on the theme of the Synod in the boarding and school

Make bold proposals to the young people to follow Jesus and animate them once a month, starting from 5th standard onwards (catechism period)

Local Youth Fest to finish by August and Regional Youth Fest by September/October with the Synod theme.

Celebrate vocation day at least once in a term locally. (Prayer moments, video clippings on Saints, sharing of one's own vocational story, etc.,)

Make use of the animation materials coming from the Centre.

Phase – I
1)What changes have you seen after having presented Jesus/God as a constant companion? (among the young people)
2) What efforts have you made in presenting Jesus/God as a fascinating person? (FMA)

Phase – II
1) How did we create an ambient for vocational discernment?(youth)
2) What was the experience of Local and Regional Youth Fest? (youth and FMA)
3) Mention the ways in which we encountered the young in reaching out to our peripheries and formed them. (Especially the migrants)